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 1.Register online and pay for your Rapid antigen Test. Shipping in Canada takes 1-3 business days.

2. Once you have received your test(s), a link will be provided via email and in the box to book a video call with one our trained professionals. They will walk you through the process. Your test results will not be valid without the guidance of our trained professional. 

3. Once you have completed the test, you will get your results via email within 1 hour.

 *You are not allowed to administer this test by yourself.  This test can only be administered via video call with one of our trained professionals

Book your video call here 

***Please note that all Tele-Tests are NON-REFUNDABLE***

    Estimated Delivery Per Province
    Quebec (1-2 Business Days)
    Ontario (1-2 Business Days)
    British Columbia (3-4 Business Days)
    Nova Scotia (3-4 Business Days)
    Manitoba (2-3 Business Days)
    New Brunswick (2-4 Business Days)
    Prince Edward Island (3-4 Business Days)
    Saskatchewan  (2-3 Business Days)
    Alberta (2-3 Business Days)
    Newfoundland (2-3 Business Days)
    Nunavut (4-5 Business Days)
    Yukon (4-5 Business Days)
    Northwest Territories (4-5 Business Days)