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LIPO+ VitaBoost

LIPO+ VitaBoost

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Turn your fat into energy!

LIPO+ VitaBoost injection is a metabolism enhancer that helps package your fats and move them through your body! An extremely helpful aid for weight loss when combined with healthy dieting and regular exercise. The vitamins and nutrients found in our LIPO+ VitaBoost injections can reduce the amounts of fat and cholesterol stored in the body.

VitaBoost absorption ~80%

Oral Supplement absorption ~10-40%

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GTR Santé VitaBoost injections are available in our clinics and through our mobile services. All VitaBoost injections are compounded specifically for use by our Health Professionals and are prepared by our staff for each patient's use.


What's in it?

L-Methionine, Inositol, Chorine Chloride, Chromium, B12, and Pyridoxine

  • Are you wondering about the side effects?

    The most common side effect of IM injection is pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. Also tingling or numbness.
    These side effects usually are mild and persist only for a few days.

  • Other important information:

    Why use LIPO+:
    - Enhance and Increase your Metabolism to help you burn fat faster

    Before your VitaBoost injection is administered, we will go through a health questionnaire with you to ensure that you are a candidate for VitaBoost injections.

    Common areas of your body where VitaBoost injections will be given include; the deltoid muscle of your arm and upper thigh, back of arm or abdomen.

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